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About Us

Sevyn Stitches Designs I am the proud mother, military wife, and owner of “Sevyn Stitches By  K.S.W.Sevyn Stitches by K.S.W” has been operating since 2017.  I started out by making hand sewn bow ties and pillowcase dresses for little girls. Over time, I started my online boutique featuring clothing that  I, either, hand sewed or designed. Currently, I am an up and coming stylist with an eye to dress. It has always been one of my many passions since childhood.

The truth is women, today,  are expected to “bare it all” for acceptance or to, simply,  “catch the eye”. So, my mission through “Sevyn Stitches by K.S.W.” is for women to  feel like they can be tasteful and comfortable in their own skin.  Despite what social media portrays, us, women to be. Sevyn Stitches started with a push from God, of course, and I am believing God will lead me to surpass my wildest dreams with His vision being worked through me.

Yours in style,

Kandra Wilbur